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Artist bio

Who is Nukie? what's his story? what's his journey? why does he do what he do? what keeps him going?



gandr-collage (52).jpg

Art Direction by Nukie Timtiman, 2017. Colour Graded by Marilen Magsaysay

His photography started as a personal mission to document everyday family moments with the hopes of storing memories so one day, he could reintroduce the world to his visually impaired brother once a miracle allows him to see. It has now branched and continued to different approaches in photography including experimenting with double exposure, long exposure, installation art, dreamy, poetic and psychedelic gestures in mind, he'd practice often so he could try to perfect his shots so he could leave them unedited, this response is rooted to keeping everything realistic, the artist does not want to add nor subtract elements and claim they happened, this is also a response to the direction of photography in general where most photographers would be heavy on post processing, Nukie thought that moving forward, he could find his own identity in trying to achieve everything within the camera itself. Occasionally, he'd write a poem down first before proceeding into materializing it through photos, paintings, illustration and animation.

(B.1995) born and raised in Manila, Philippines. Nukie Timtiman is multidisciplinary visual artist switching simultaneously among photography, poetry, painting, illustration and animation. The thematic nature of Nukie's works is anchored around phenomenon's in life, ranging from memories, anecdotes, stories, metaphors and other figures of speech.

"Ang Muni", 2017. The Filipino

word "muni" means to ponder,

daydream, get lost in one's

thoughts, in attempt to

communicate this, Nukie

resorted to long exposure to

create that motion blur, isolating

the subject from the foreground,

creating that 'passage of time'

whenever we go deep down in

our own thoughts.


His painting started at an early age through  his mentor, Patch Quinto, a fine artist based in Malaysia, come 2021, Nukie is looking for ways to push his photography with a new element to get more out of it, editing wasn't an option so through trials and errors, he accidentally smudged his photograph with an oil brush he had stored in his program for years. it evidently combine 


"In life, we tend to find comfort in familiarity. There's a certain light that emits from the familiar, something that gives us hope and joy in darkness. While the lighthouse is a metaphor for this, it could also represent a friend, a parent, a favorite band or album, food, and film. Anything that comforts us when seen or experienced. That's the lighthouse. You're the moon."

The Lighthouse and Its Friend, The Moon, 2021, Frame by Frame Painting Animation.

Nukie Timtiman

his photography and his painting, eventually, Nukie sought out to explore more on this aspect and focused on making paintings solely with a different approach and creative process, from a culmination of photographs and painting, it is now driven by a heavily influenced post-impressionist movement in Art History, embracing the qualities of the medium through exaggerated brush strokes whilst maintaining the same theme as his photographs, illustrations, animation, and poetry


Before the pandemic struck the world, Nukie co-founded MARILAG Records in 2017 with his best friends TJ De Ocampo & Gleniel Chua, Fittingly enough, the first band that they worked with is Munimuni, which the artist considers as his extended family. Nukie's work is heavily influenced by the style and nature of Thea Beatles and Munimuni. Gradually his work leaned to a more a poetic approach in capturing his subject matter, after numerous years. They produced several music videos and photoshoots that the artist considers an integral part of his journey.

Late 2020, he collaborated with artists Keiko Necesario, Jason Max, Jonathan Tal Placido to create, direct and animate the music video for Ready Let Go.

It wasn't long until Nukie would be an internationally published photographer when his work was selected by Mob Journal to be included in the NEW WAVE edition of their magazines. His photoset called Let It Simmer, Sunset Soaked, originally just for fun impromptu photoshoot with his friends, would be lined up with international artists.


2016 Canon Junior Photoworld Cup 

4th Place in Long Exposure Category 

2015 GetCre8ive SNAPSHOTS 

Overall Champion 

2015 GetCre8ive SNAPSHOTS 

Champion in Portrait Photography Category 

2015 GetCre8ive SNAPSHOTS 

Champion in Architecture Photography Category 

2015 GetCre8ive SNAPSHOTS 

Finalist in Food Photography Category

2015 GetCre8ive SNAPSHOTS 

Finalist in Scenic Photography Category

IESM’s 12th Anniversary Photo Contest


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